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Fun romances with a smidgeon of wicked!

This is what makes it all worthwhile! This is one of my all-time favorite emails:

Dear Mrs. Nolan, 


In the last 24 hours I have read all 3 books in the Big Rock Romance series. I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed them. They were so perfect! They were just the right amount of sweet, sexy, and a little kinky.  The books all have such great storylines outside of the romance, which helps make it so much more interesting. Your female characters all have great backgrounds and personalities. It isn't always easy to find books that hit the mark so perfectly. I hope you don't mind me reaching out, but I had to thank you for writing these. I know I will revisit them over and over and I am looking forward to any new installments. Thank you for sharing your characters with us!



Jen R.

Thank you, Jen, for writing to me. What an inspiration your words are! I'll do my best to continue writing the kinds of stories you like. And the characters! They're my favorites, too, almost like my children. I love to be around people who have a sense of humor - and those are the characters I write. Do you know they have a mind of their own? You'd think I could control that as I write - but no! They surprise me. 


Nora Nolan is currently my only pen name.  It’s nice to meet you!  I came to writing a bit late in life but have always wanted to do it.  I’d find myself reading a book and think, “Wow, that passage was great, but I wish it had {fill in the blank}.”   Then one day I was challenged by a book on time and life management to write down a goal I wanted to achieve within twelve months.  I buckled down and followed the book’s instructions, and my first three manuscripts were completed within five months.   And that five months included having a demanding day job for three months and time out for major surgery!


I love to read hot, spicy, fun stories.  I have a favorite type, though. They have fairly normal, sexy, fun, or kinky relationships that happen to have a woman who misbehaves occasionally and a hot alpha male who won’t put up with it and doesn't hesitate to put a stop to it. That’s mostly what I write! So if you like age play, really strong BDSM lifestyles, or women in chains begging to be caned, you might want to look for other authors. I'm not there yet!


I live in the southern central part of the US.  My happier days find me with our grandchildren (yes, with their parents, too, but you know how it is about grandkids), spending time with my wonderful alpha husband (of course!) and family.

My newest joy, though, is sitting at the keyboard, letting the characters in my head write their stories.  They often lead me in directions that surprise me.  I never know when I start out what direction they’ll take or where they’ll end up!


Email me directly at


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