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Widowed at a young age, Molly Hickam Brewer is introduced to widower, Derek McBride, by her fun-loving cousin, Philip. Their courtship by mail results in matrimony, on the very day they meet each other face to face for the first time!


Molly adores her new husband and wants nothing more than to make him happy. But sometimes, his rules just get in her way. He wouldn't really take her in hand, would he? He's just joking, teasing her. Right?


He'd been right about the rustlers, though. After a very tough night, they were caught, and now, surely, Derek could loosen up those rules. Besides, what he never finds out won't hurt, will it?

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Big Rock Romance, Book 1

Amy McCray is on a mission to clear her half-brother of a murder charge.  He'd been with a married woman at the time, and to protect her reputation, has forbidden Amy or anyone else to mention the woman to the authorities.  Now the woman has disappeared.


Amy knows the only way she can prove her brother's innocence is to find the woman and convince her to come back and testify.  She only has one clue: that the woman's sister is in Big Rock.  Even though Amy's never met her in person, it's a small town; surely a red-haired woman won't be too hard to find! 


What she didn't count on was a handsome sheriff getting in her way and thwarting her plans to do her own independent sleuthing.  It didn't help that he insisted on ensuring her safety, and wasn't hesitant to apply some western justice to her backside when she didn't follow his rules.

Big Rock Romance, Book 2


Her dark past. His dark desires. Their only chance.

Independent Evie Goodacre has run away from her isolated mountain home to escape her abusive father and brothers. The only good thing they ever did was teach her how to hunt, trap, fish, and shoot as well as any man. She'd lived with their criminal ways for the eight years since her beloved mother died, but now that they insisted on giving her to one of their despicable criminal cohorts, she knew she had to escape.


All Deputy Aaron Glover wanted was to get away for a few days and relax at his family's old cabin. He never dreamed this getaway would lead him into the adventure of his life, much less lead him to a woman who might satisfy his particular desires. If only she'd learn she has to mind him!

Big Rock Romance, Book 3

A marriage was arranged for her by the orphanage where she lives. When her betrothed turns out to be a revolting, abusive older man, Sadie knows she has to run away and make a new life for herself. No one would ever touch her like that again! She needed to stay hidden, away from any people, until she could find a place to start over. She needed a place where nobody knew her, nobody cared, and nobody knew she had broken the law.


Dr. Elliott Larkin still reeled over the loss of his young family. His brother in Big Rock convinced him to come back home to visit, and he decided a change would do him good. Who would have thought a mine collapse on the outskirts of town would be just what the doctor ordered?


How will Sadie avoid the hangman’s noose? How will Elliott heal the wounds from his shattered past?


If you like spicy, fast-paced tales from the Old West with delightful characters to root for, then you’ll love this fourth book in the Big Rock Romance series.

Big Rock Romance, Book 4

Big Rock Rescue COVER.jpg
Bedlam at Big Rock COVER.jpg

Buck Whited lost his wife to pneumonia and his father to murder within a few short months of each other. When he decides to crawl out of his mourning, he stops by to visit his friend, Dr. Elliott Larkin, and is introduced to Callie Mae Weathers and her friend, Lilac Indigo Preston.


Buck had no idea his life would change so drastically within four short days!


When he hires the Snow Detective Agency to help find his father's killer, Reed and Deacon Snow uncover information that could change all their lives.


Take a trip to Big Rock and you'll find humor, mystery, sweet love stories, heroes, villains, and a couple of women who obey their men most of the time. But, oh dear, when they don't…


Although all the stories in this series are technically standalones, the author advises that you might enjoy this one more if you read the fourth book in the series first: Big Rock Rescue. Better yet, treat yourself to all five in the series. You'll be glad you did!

Big Rock Romance, Book 5

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