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Wild West Loves

Here's another great Old West series - the first one takes place mostly in the 1860's in the Nebraska Territory, although the first book begins in 1845. I think you'll like it! 

NEW HOME IN NEW FORGE - Terri Dobbs.jpg

He just found out about the hidden double life of his late father – and the dreadfully tarnished reputation that was now associated with his name. He’d had no idea of his father’s dirty dealings. He didn’t even want to accept the fortune his father had amassed, but he was the only heir.


Would he ever be able to clean up the black mark on his name? Would his fiancée still want to marry him, and start their life amid the public’s scorn?


Step back into the west of 1845 and find out how a young couple in love can triumph over life’s obstacles and forge a new life in a new place where their family can prosper for generations. This is how it begins.

Wild West Loves Book 1

Georgiana Forge’s parents have passed away, and her twin brother, Harry, is leaving for college in the fall. They are heirs to a large fortune and a sizable ranch, and Harry insists that he won’t leave until Georgie is married. She’s as independent as can be, even running the ranch and giving orders to the men since their father died. But Harry simply will not leave her alone on the ranch with half a dozen ranch hands living in the bunkhouse.


The problem is that there are no marital prospects in the small town of New Forge. Her only option appears to be advertising for a mail order husband.


Bryce Beckett, a widow who lost his wife the previous year, sees the advertisement as the answer to his prayers. He’s recently crawled out of his despondency and is finally ready to rejoin the living and start over.


What happens when a very nice, yet strongly self-reliant and strong-minded young woman marries a man who’s managed his own successful ranch and has his own ideas about how it should be done?


Step back into the 1860’s in the Nebraska Territory and watch the fireworks.

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Wild West Loves Book 2

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