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What do you do when you're a writer and you finish a series - but the ideas keep coming for that same fictional town? You write a spinoff series! I had to do that because I fell in love with the town of Big Rock and the people in it.


The town has grown and more businesses have sprung up to accommodate the growth. Unfortunately, the growth has been mostly men. And they want women!


Harriet Smithers, a force to be reckoned with who has her own spicy desires she considers to the be the secret of her marital happiness, is the president of the Ladies' Aid Society. She's convinced the society needs to find wives for these men or they'll leave town. Thus is born their mail order bride efforts…



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The Ladies Aid Society is determined to find brides for the bachelors who have moved to their town in the last two or three years. Their first attempt is for Angus Kelly, a red-haired giant of an Irishman. The society members have written to all their old friends across the country, and one willing respondent seems to be perfect for Angus: Nessa O’Shea.

At the same time, Detectives Deacon Snow and his brother have been hired by a bank in Rawlins to search for the criminals who stole a shipment of newly minted gold coins intended for three different banks. On the way to the San Francisco mint, with help from Deacon’s sister-in-law Lilac Indigo, they befriend a young woman named Tillie Youngblood. Tillie is headed for San Francisco, too. No one could have foretold the unexpected connection or seen the effect Tillie would have on all of them in such a short time.

Operation Big Rock Brides, Book 1

Opal McAllister is eager to travel to Big Rock. Not only will she be reunited with her childhood friend, but she’ll be married to one of the town’s most successful men. At nearly thirty years of age, she’d begun to think she might never marry - but she always held out hope. When Amy wrote to ask her if she’d be willing to become a bride of one of the many single men in Big Rock, she jumped at the chance. After corresponding with Henry Tucker for a while, she knew he was the man of her dreams.

The situation Opal encounters on her trip to her new home affects her deeply. Henry loves his smart, funny, fun, loving new wife, but he can see that fear has taken root in her and threatens to hold her prisoner. What will it take for her to release that fear, once and for all?

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Operation Big Rock Brides, Book 2

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Get married or go to prison?

Ruby Rankin is fuming. The judge has given her a choice: go to Big Rock and find a husband within a month, or spend a year in the Wyoming Territorial Prison. All those times she's been caught, she was only stealing food for survival. She doesn't want to get married; she is barely eighteen!


Jake Jernigan is a rancher. A handsome, hot, single, successful rancher who knows what he wants. And he wants Ruby.


But someone else wants her too. Can Jake save her in time to make her his?

Operation Big Rock Brides, Book 3

Lacy from Laramie

Scheduled for release on 

March 25, 2021


Operation Big Rock Brides, Book 4


Nellie from Newport

Scheduled for release on 

May 18, 2021

Operation Big Rock Brides, Book 5

Lily from Lincoln

Scheduled for release on 

June 29, 2021

Operation Big Rock Brides, Book 6